Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Staying Motivated

It is NEVER too late to either get back into a work-out routine, or to find yourself a routine that works for you.
Set goals. <<<<<<<<<<<<
Hold yourself accountable. Working out with friends helps with this as well! Someone to help you stay on top of your fitness schedule. Workout together for that extra motivation. If you're in a relationship .. couples who workout together, stay together!
Take progress photos! When you're feeling down about what you may think is lack of progress (it happens), look back on these pictures. Even the slightest of changes can be a huge motivation. And a reminder that HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF. <<<<<<<<<<<<
Be sure to EAT RIGHT. This is a huge factor in weight loss. If you really wanna see "gainz" (that flat tummy) , you must eat properly. A healthy diet consists of a healthy balance. Depriving yourself entirely of sugar , carbs , fat is NEVER a good idea. It is definetely necessary to minimize your intake of bad foods in order to see results, but a cheat meal or day is just fine! Remember also, not to STRESS. This will prevent your body for shedding those pounds. Keep it light, stay positive! Eat more meals, smaller portions. You've heard it before, IT WORKS! <<<<<<<<<<<<