Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pinterest Everything/Mason Jar Gifts

So it's a rainy day, or maybe it's sunny and you are just bored out of your mind. You aren't interested in watching the children run around the house screaming at e/o, nor is it time to re-paint your nails for the millionth time. Here's where my crafty ideas come in. Time consuming, calming and inspiring! Design a special card for an upcoming birthday, learn how to get creative while painting or combine learning with fun! Take a look and pin your favorites fellow Pinterest Freaks ;) Take a look and pin your favorites fellow Pinterest Freaks ;) By hovering over the photos, you can pin directly to your Pinterest board!

Pretty Favor 

You have most likely seen these before in the Pinterest world but it doesn't
hurt to put the idea out there again! Use a jar to create a meal or drink for a later
date. Make it as a gift or just to store your items prettily. The idea is to layer ingredients
 in a mason jar. These make awesome gifts especially around christmas time. 
Hotchocolate is the most popular jars I've seen made up this way. 
Layer the HC mix,a little sugar, marshmallows, some chocolate chips 
and maybe even some mint pieces in a mason jar. 

Add a festive ribbon to the jar if you are giving it as a gift. The same can
be done with the ingredients for soup even. Add freeze dried or uncooked ingredients
of course. Nothing that will spoil can be added! Get to making these pretty 
jars and you'll be sure to spread smiles.